Pastoral Team

Dr. Darryl and Faith Wootton

Dr. Darryl & Faith Wootton

Lead Pastors
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Ike & Kim Amaro

Ike & Kim Amaro

Church MinistrIes Pastor
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Jodi & Steve Faulkner

Jodi Faulkner

Connections Pastor
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Daniel Hubler

Daniel Hubler

NextGen Pastor

Support Team

Laura & Scott Howard

Laura Howard

Business Administrator
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Danny & Rebecca Wadsworth

Danny Wadsworth

Director of Operations
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The purpose of Spirit Church is to PLEASE GOD.

Purpose answers the question, why do we exist?  Everything Bartlesville Spirit Church does must Please God.


The mission of Spirit Church is to share the LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE of Jesus Christ to the Least, Last, and Lost.

Discover the Beliefs of our Church

We teach, memorize, and live the Word of God
The four cardinal doctrines of our church are

  1. Jesus SAVES – eternal life and forgiveness of sins can be obtained through the finished work of Jesus Christ
  2. Jesus HEALS  – God still does the miraculous in the present age
  3. Jesus EMPOWERS – the fullness of the Spirit empowers the Believer and is referred by Jesus as the “promise of the Father”
  4. Jesus is COMING BACK SOON – Jesus is returning for His bride – the church.  That return could be today!